From Bad To Good

So last week I had a wonderful shoot planned out, my stylist and I had planned everything a week prior to the shoot.  We had the location, the perfect model, and the perfect time of the day.  I was able to book a condo in East Orange, NJ, the first time I saw the place I knew that I had to shoot.  The location had a high class look to it,  I wanted a soft/warm look for these images.  I had my stylist come up with 3 looks that can capture the feeling and the vibe of the place.  We decided to do a workout look, a lounging look, and lastly a "night out to party" look. 

Everything seemed perfect and it was thus far, but that's not the true purpose of this post, lets get down to the end.  So the day of the shoot arrives and I start to get everything in place.  I got in contact with the owner of the condo to tell him that I am on my way....... and he texts me back saying "Wait isn't your shoot sunday." As soon as I read that i was so pissed. He then went on to tell me that he was in a studio recording music and he would be back at 3pm.  Though I was pissed off I agreed to coming back at 3pm, with 2 hours to kill my stylist and I took the model to the mall to grab some food.  3pm comes back around so I decide to call the owner, and to my surprise no one answers. 

Two minutes later I decided to text him, but still no reply, so right now I was totally freaking out.  I had no location and everything that I had planned was going down the drain.  If my stylist wasn't there to talk me through it I don't know what I would have done.  She decided that we just shoot outside, thank God the weather was not freezing cold.  We decided to go to a park and shoot only two of the looks we planned.  I picked up my speedlights and decided not to be angry and just shot.  I was stuck in a terrible position but I sucked it up and decided to do what I love to do! which is shoot.  So here is the outcome of a bad day turned good.