Meet Heavyn

So yesterday I got the privilege to shoot a lovely lady by the name of Heavyn.  We had planned to shoot a long time ago but the time just wasn't there.....until yesterday.  I wont lie I was a bit anxious, I had thoughts of location rambling through my brain, and I wasn't sure if the spot a chose would be good or not.  So a couple of minutes into the shoot everything started becoming natural, the comfort level was great as well as the creativity.  During the shoot I got a little bit of time to as Heavyn a couple of questions....

Bernard: So how old are you?

Heavyn: "I'm 16..."

Bernard: So where are you from?

Heavyn: " Linden, NJ...I was born in toms river and then I lived in Jersey City for a couple years then I moved to Linden around the 3rd grade."

Bernard: Nice a nomad lol, So whats your nationality?

Heavyn: "I'm black and Italian"

Bernard: What a beautiful mix!, if you could go any place in the world right now, where would you go?

Heavyn: "umm I think I would go somewhere in Africa"

Bernard: OH NICE!! WHY?

Heavyn: "umm from the pictures that I've seen the place looks really interesting, I would love to go there?"

Bernard: What do you like about modeling?

Heavyn: "Even though this was only my second official shoot modeling is really fun for me."

Bernard: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Heavyn: "In lol."

Bernard: Studying what?

Heavyn: "ummm, Psychology"

Bernard: What type of music do you listen to?

Heavyn: "I listen to......I actually like all different types of favorite, but my least favorite is country music.  You ever listen to Indian pop?

Bernard: I've heard them about once lol, do you watch their movies as well?

Heavyn: "No lol, just the music"

Bernard: lol cool, so how long have you known your best friend?

Heavyn: "I've known Ayanah since 6th grade, and we gotten close 7th grade year."

Bernard: Are you guys going to the same college, or are you guys separating?

Heavyn: "We plan on going to the same college lol, we are sticking together."